New Delhi: Four years ago, Datta Phuge, a businessman from Pune, made national and international headlines after he stitched a shirt for himself made completely out of gold. But on Thursday night, a group of men took the shine of life out of Phuge by beating him to death in front of his son. 
On Friday morning, the ‘Gold Man’ was found dead in a ground by passersby. Phuge was allegedly pulled out of his car and attacked by a dozen men who slashed at him with sickles and hurled rocks at him before fleeing the scene. 
Phuge’s 22-year-old son who witnessed the incident was spared by the men. 
The businessman had been invited by one of the suspects on the pretext of birthday celebration. Police have detained four suspects in the case. 
In 2012, Datta Phuge made national headlines when he shared a picture of himself wearing 22-carat gold shirt laden with Swarovski buttons and a gold belt. 
It is suspected that Phuge was involved in financial problems which lead to his murder. He was a member of Nationalist Congress Party.

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