New Delhi: Former Union Minister and diplomat Shashi Tharoor onboard an Air India flight tweeted saying “Mid-air drama: my Air India flight from Gaya to Delhi via Varanasi developed problems and made an emergency return to Gaya. Everyone’s OK.”


In a series of tweets, the former miniser said, “Had to change some plans but hope to get a seat on the overnight Rajdhani train and be back in Delhi tomorrow instead. Life’s always interesting!”

Replying to a random user after being asked if Tharoor was safe, the minister said, “All OK. Landing gear didn’t retract. Would have been worse if landing gear didn’t descend.”

Responding to another Twitter user who suggested Tharoor to approach Suresh Prabhu, the Railway Minister to help him, Tharoor said, “Gr8 idea! Dear Suresh Prabhuji please give me a sleeper seat on tonight’s Rajdhani from Gaya to Delhi! Got2get back2work.”