New Delhi: After the death of the class VI student in Sainik School in Amaravathinagar in Tirupur district, purportedly due to food poisoning, the school has been closed till 24th July.

VP Siddharth, a class VI student in the Sainik School, belonged to a family of farmers in Dindigul district.  Siddharth succumbed to choking when he was vomiting due to fever.

25 other students in the campus developed symptoms of fever after consuming school breakfast. The nurses in the school gave the children medicines for the fever and told them to rest.

Diagnostic tests are being conducted to ascertain whether it was a food poisoning which led to the demise of Siddharth and mild fever for other students.

Parents and relatives of the deceased staged protest in Udumalpet demanding the arrest of the school Principal, TN Sridhar, and the nurses that had checked on the school boy.

The school has been closed till July 24 as investigation is underway.

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