New Delhi: Using the golden opportunity of hitting out at Modi government in his programme ‘Talk to AK’, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal accused Centre of turning its relationship with Delhi into the kind that India-Pakistan shares.  He also said that had the government in power would have not put so many obstacle, Delhi would have achieved four times of what is has till now. 

On his maiden ‘Talk to AK’ session, the AAP leader addressed the problems faced by the party in the National Capital and the various issues plaguing the country. Kejriwal, hinting slightly towards PM Modi’s ‘one-sided’ interaction, said that it was better to talk directly with the people.

Education was a big part of Kejriwal’s national address where he stressed that he had envisioned a better future for the poor children in the country. Kejriwal said that he wanted the ‘No Detention’ policy which allows a student to pass till class 8 uninterrupted to be scrapped.

Highlighting his party’s achievements for a ‘Swachh Bharat’, the AAP leader said that he had introduced Muhalla Clinics into different areas. Kejriwal also requested the Centre to make free the medicines that are provided to government hospital.

The CM did not hold back from criticising the government for the hike in prices of basic food amenities like the price of lentils.

“For 8 months, the Jan Lokpal bill which was put before the government has not been passed,” said Kejriwal. “Officers who were working diligently have either been transferred or removed from duty by the Centre government.”  

The ‘Talk to AK’ session had announced that Arvind Kejriwal would attend to the concerns, suggestions, problems & queries of the public.