New Delhi: Mohammad Marwan, one of the 15 missing youth from Kerala believed to have fled the country in order to join Islamic State (IS), left his family in a state of shock after he sent a text to his family reading, “If fighting in the path of Allah is terrorism, yes I am a terrorist.” 
Adding further, Marwan said that he will return once he finishes his cooperation with IS in order to help the persecuted Muslims in the regions of Gujarat, Kashmir and Muzaffarnagar. 
He also quoted Quran saying that what will he answer when Allah will ask what was he doing when his community was being persecuted. Allah has taught that the entire Muslim community is like a body and so it is his religious duty to protect them. 
Marwan said that he would consider himself as a martyr if he died fighting for Islam. Also, the ones who die fighting for Islam get the privilege of selecting 70 persons from family to heaven. 
Few days ago, a similar audio message was sent by Ijas Mohammad, another youth who has disappeared mysteriously from Kerala, stating that he has reached his destination and they need not look for him anymore.