New Delhi: A gruesome story of perpetual victimisation emerged from Rohtak in Haryana where a 20-year-old Dalit woman was gang-raped by five men and left to die in the wilderness.

But what was more appalling than the incidence itself was the fact that the rapists were the same men who had gang-raped her in 2013, three years back. They had raped her again to seek revenge for registering police complaint against them.

The family of the survivor told reporters that the men were all in their 20s and were out on bail from prison. They had exclaimed that they would punish her for pursuing the case. 

The woman had been raped earlier this week when five men kidnapped her outside of her college and drugged and raped her before throwing her unconscious in the wilderness.

The accused five men, all purportedly belonging from an upper caste, had been threatening the survivor’s family to settle the case for approx Rs 50 lakhs.

According to NDTV, the police said that the woman was found in the bushes in Rohtakh’s Sukhpura Chowk area on Wednesday. The woman is being treated at a government hospital.

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