New Delhi: Reacting to the tense situation in Kashmir where 39 civilians have been killed due to ongoing protests in the Valley, various organisations from South India released a joint statement which asked the Indian govt to halt killing of civilians in Kashmir.

Posted on, the joint statement exclaims that military edict like the AFSPA should be repealed by the government. “The Indian state should repeal AFSPA; punish the army men involved in fake encounter killings; expedite investigations about the disappeared and provide relief and justice for the affected families; withdraw the Indian Army from Kashmir; conduct Plebiscite as promised to UN during accession Kashmir to resolve the conflict.”

The statement briefly brought out the plight of Eelam Tamils in South India, “And this could be related to both Kashmiris and Eelam Tamils, or whatsoever oppressed nationalities for that matter. Oppressors! Do you hear us!” 

The statement addressed the encounter of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani which had led to unrest in the Valley, “On July 13, 85 years ago, during the uprising of Kashmiris against the Dogra King, 24 were killed by him. History seems to repeat itself. And their yearning for freedom has not been quenched. A new generation which has not seen an armed struggle yet, has transformed stones as weapons to confront the bullets and pellets. Despite being conscious of their perilous survival, they have decided to confront the armed forces. The Indian corporate media is struggling to revive its customary false propaganda which is challenged by this current mass people’s struggle – Kasmiris’ ‘Intifada’.” Prime Minister Modi seems to be revisting history as he travels to a railway station, where Gandhi is said to have attained his freedom spirit.”

“Tamils are well aware of the conducts of Sri Lanka, India and other World Nations during the Freedom struggle of Eelam. So it makes quite simple for us to understand the false propaganda bred by the Indian state and its media.

As honest and conscious Tamils, we are obligated to support the Kashmir Liberation Struggle. And it is appropriate to remind ourselves of the solidarity extended by Kashmiris as we were in grief shook by the photo of Balachandran (Son of Tamil Eelam national leader Velupillai Prabhakaran) in the custody of the Sri Lankan army. And we strongly condemn the oppression unleashed by the Indian ruling class over the Kashmiris in the name of other oppressed nationalities of the Indian subcontinent,” the statement said.