New Delhi: A college in Kerala indefinitely suspended from its campus a 20-year-old and a 19-year-old couple six months ago for living together. And contrary to expectations, the Kerala High court ruled in favour of the decision taken by the college.

The Mar Thoma College of Science and Technology administration came to know about the couple through their parents who filed a missing complaint against both the students.

The woman, who was 20 years of age and was an undergraduate in English, was considered as a bright student by her fellow classmates. She was living together with her boyfriend who was 19 years of age. 

The Kerala High Court on Tuesday ruled that the college had done right in suspending the students and said that the rights of the couple had not been violated as they had alleged.

“This is not a mere case of falling in love; but two students taking the drastic step of eloping and living together without even contracting a marriage,” stated the High Court.

KC Mathew, the college principal, said, “Their expulsion will help in maintaining discipline.” He also added that private-run colleges should maintain a good reputation.

But most of the students in the college are not happy with the decision. They said that the couple had been unjustly subjected to discrimination.

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