New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday responded to the defamation case against Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and said that the latter must face trial for his statements about the Rashtriya Syawamsevak Sangh (RSS) if he did not apologise.

The RSS had earlier filed a defamation case in the Bombay High Court against Rahul Gandhi for saying that the Hindutva outfit was behind the assassination of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi’s counsel had argued that the defamation case filed against him by the RSS was completely false and entreated the court to reject the case.

“You cannot make wholesale denunciation of an organisation,” said the Supreme Court. It also added that the purpose of law was not to run citizens into litigants as history was the biggest enemy of privacy.

The Supreme Court gave till July 27th for (Next Wednesday) Rahul Gandhi to detail his arguments.