New Delhi: People’s Democratic Party (PDP) MP Muzaffar Baig on Wednesday targeted the BJP-led Central government during the monsoon session of the Parliament over Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani, who was killed in an encounter by security forces. Baig said it was a planned killing.
While speaking in Lok Sabha (Upper House) on the Kashmir debate Muzaffar Baig said, “We joined hands with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) because the people of India had chosen them; the 1.26 crore Indians. Today, I, a Muslim, am as much an Indian as Rajnathji. We say proudly we are the world’s largest minority.”
Speaking on Burhan Wani, the PDP MP said, “He was not an invisible ghost. He wasn’t a Bin Laden. Police could’ve arrested him anytime. Timing was wrong. That’s why I say the government of India should look into this. Parents are not to be held responsible.”
“Terrorism has victimised many. It has become a business. I feel bad for his parents,” said Baig.
“Today I’ve taken this challenge to speak here. I could be killed for this, or someone from my family could be,” added Baig.
“Balance, patience, empathy and dialogue … Some people are alienated, don’t need to cut throats … pull them by the ears! Pakistan is our “humsaaya” … is a victim of terrorism. What have they earned by raising Kashmir?”
Baig also said, “Pakistan, we won’t celebrate when you shed tears … because that fire can reach us too.”
The PDP party member, however, appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said “United Nations can’t have a say in our bilateral matter.” 

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