New Delhi: A 28-year-old woman from K Pudur, Tamil Nadu filed a complaint with the city police that her second husband had allegedly deceived her into marrying him and after a few days fled with Rs. 3.5 lakh cash and some valuable jewellery.
The victim, K Banu, was first married in the year 2011 but due to some reasons, she got divorced within a year. On one of her visits to a mosque in Othakadai she met another woman named Thaslima with whom she became friends and started sharing family matters with each other.
Thaslima introduced Kadhar Basha as a relative to Banu and told her that he was willing to marry Banu. Kadhar Basha was introduced to Banu as an SBI employee working in a branch in Virudhunagar. After initial hesitation the duo finally got married on May 26.
After a couple of days, Basha told Banu that he would be going out of town for some work and would return in a few days. After Basha left, Banu found that Rs. 3.5 lakh and some gold jewellery was missing. Realising this, she called her husband who in turn told her that he had taken it for some very important purpose and would return soon.
Banu grew suspicious about her husband’s motive after he stopped receiving her calls and started inquiring about him. She was shocked to realise that the same person had also cheated seven other women in a similar manner. Finally she approached Madurai police.

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