Chennai: An Indian Air Force (IAF) Antonov AN-32 plane bound for Port Blair from Chennai in Andaman and Nicobar Islands went missing on Friday with 29 people onboard. Here are a few facts about the aircraft:
1. AN-32 is an Indian Air Force twin-engined aircraft used to transport goods and people for short distances.
2. Indian Air Force has 100 Soviet Union manufactured Antonov AN-32 in service. These planes were purchased by India in 1980.
3. The aircraft is capable of facing all weather atrocities.
4. The aircraft has a crew capacity of 6 people and can carry up to 50 armed soldiers.
5. The aircraft has been used by the armed forces in various flood and other relief operations for the civilians
6. The aircraft does not require huge runways to take-off it can take-off from small airstrips
7. AN-32 has a maximum speed 530 km/h or 286 knots or 329 mph
8. The weight of the plane is 16800 kgs ( when empty)
9. The aircraft is primarily used by Indian Air Force National Air Force of Angola Sri Lanka Air Force and Ukrainian Air Force.
10. The aircraft has also been used in case of massive forest fire.

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