Chennai: Current reports about the missing IAF plane AN-32 have emerged and they are painful.
As per IAF sources, the chances of finding any survivors from the fateful flight are extremely slim. 
To aid in the search and rescue operations of the AN-32 the Navy has deployed a submarine. It will help in receiving signals from the aircraft beacon (which automatically gets activated post crash).
IAF sources from the Ops room while speaking to NewsX have said that the AN-32’s movement on the radar was recorded 150 nautical miles off the Chennai coast.
The plane went off radio contact after 9:00 AM on Friday morning. At 8:30 AM, when the plane lifted off of the coast of Port Blair, the plane was still in touch with the Indian Air Force base in Chennai. It was expected to reach the coastal region around 11:30 AM. 
The radar recorded a rapidly descending aircraft that was seen losing control and the aircraft plunged into the Bay of Bengal. 
A total of 29 people are missing, out of which 6 are crew members. It is known said that the plane had 4 hours of fuel left. 
Of the 29 passengers, 8 were civilians who were working for the Indian Navy.
Here is a breakdown of the 29 persons:
Crew 06 (Officers 03, Airmen Aircrew 01, Groundcrew 02)
IAF Personnel 11 (Officers 01, Airmen 04, NC(E) 05, DSC 01)
Army Personnel 02 (PBOR 02) [PBOR=Personnel below Officer rank]
Navy Personnel 09 (Civilians 08, PBOR 01)
Coast Guard 01 (PBOR 01)
Massive search and rescue operations are under way. 
The Indian Navy has increased the number of ships from 4 to 12 to carry out the search operations. Some of the INS ships involved in the operations are — INS Rajput, INS Ranvijay, INS Ghariyal.


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