New Delhi: In the midst of ongoing unrest in the Dalit community in Gujarat pertaining to atrocities directed towards them, two Dalit youths were badly beaten and urinated upon by a group of men for purportedly trying to steal a motorcycle.

The two youths, Rajiv and Munna, were locked in a room by the assailants and badly beaten before they urinated in their mouths. The gruesome detail of the incidence was mentioned in an FIR filed by the mother of one of the victims in Muzaffarnagar district of Bihar.

“In her FIR, Sunita Devi said her son Rajiv Kumar Paswan and his friend Munna Paswan were caught on July 20 by Mukesh Thakur and his henchmen when they were roaming in the fair,” an official said.

In the FIR, 11 people were accused of carrying out the attack. Thakur, one of the assailants, is the husband of Utri-Paru Panchayat village body head. It was due to Thakur’s order that the attack was carried out.

There have been attempted suicides by Dalit individuals in Gujarat and its vicinities relating to incidences of atrocities against Dalit individuals, especially the incidence in Una where Dalit youths were publicly beaten for skinning a dead cow.

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