New Delhi: Surfacing from Rewa in Uttar Pradesh, a pastor and his friend were allegedly stripped and beaten up by Bajrang Dal activists on the night of Thursday for purportedly carrying out forced religious conversions.

The pastor, Ramlal Kori, an ordained leader of a Christian congregation, was abducted along with his friend Nandlal Kori by a group consisting of 25 Bajrang Dal men. The men then stripped, tied the duo and thrashed them for allegedly carrying out forced religious conversions in the region.

The two were later rescued by police from Gadra Mohalla of Pahadi village and were admitted immediately to the hospital. Approximately 13 people have been identified by the police in the area related to this incidence.

Despite repeated allegations of violence and subjugation of religious minorities in India, Bajrang Dal, the youth wing of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, have enjoyed lack of persecution from the law.

The pastor and his friend were performing a religious ceremony in a house when they were ambushed by the Bajrang Dal men.



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