New Delhi: Savji Dholakia, the founder and chairman of Hari Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd and a prolific Diamond merchant based in Surat, has hopes of dealing out a million dollar lesson to his son after he sent him to Kochi to do odd jobs for a month.

“I gave him three conditions: I told my son that he needs to work to earn his money and he couldn’t work at a place for more than a week; that he can’t use his father’s identity nor use the mobile phone nor Rs 7,000 taken from home for a month. I wanted him to understand life and how the poor struggle to get a job and money. No university can teach you these life skills except experience,” Dholakia told reporters.

Savji Dholakia’s son, Dravya Dholakia, is a 21-year-old MBA student based in the United States who is in India for a month for his vacation. As soon as he heard his father’s proposal, he accepted the challenge and said that he would go to a place where he would not be recognisable and the language will be unknown to him.

“For five days I had no job or proper place to stay. I was frustrated as I was rejected at 60 places, as no one knew me here. I understood what is rejection and the value of a job in these few days,” Dravya said, as reported by the TOI. 

Dholakia’s company currently exports finished diamonds to more than 50 countries directly from Mumbai. The company also has affiliates in the US, Belgium, UAE, Hong Kong and China.


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