New Delhi: A blow was dealt to controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik on Saturday when the Mumbai Police conducting probe into his speeches said that the content in most of the tele-evangelist’s speeches were ‘pro-terror’.

However, the Mumbai police said that the final decision will be taken by the Law and Judiciary department which will imminently decide whether the Peace TV preacher will be prosecuted for advocating terrorism or not.

“Over a dozen videos of Dr. Naik have been studied by the team and most of them are found to be objectionable in nature and capable of influencing vulnerable minds. However, to stand scrutiny of courts, we have to give proof beyond reasonable doubt that his speeches provoked recruits to join an outfit or carry out an attack. So far, we have found that his speeches were one of the many materials available on the internet which are shown or shared with terror recruits across various banned outfits,” said one of the officials, according to The Indian Express.

Zakir Naik had earlier furiously defended in an online press conference by saying that he had never advocated terrorism. The preacher raised few eyebrows when he said that suicide bombing could be used as a form of tactic in war-like situations. “But taking the lives of innocents is the second biggest sin in Islam,” the preacher had said.  

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