New Delhi: In an unfortunate incident, at least 21 patients died on Sunday morning at state-run Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad. The medical staff blamed power outages for the deaths and said that power supply was affected between 9 pm and 10.45 pm. Later, it was restored. 

According to Times of India, some doctors said the electricity first tripped around 3 pm on Friday and then continued at regular intervals. Although there were four generators on standby, the hospital claimed they had developed snags and could not be used when the power lines were later cut off to find the cause of the tripping. The 21 deaths occurred in the hospital’s speciality wards, including the respiratory intensive care unit, surgical intensive care unit, non-natal intensive care unit, acute medical care unit and the emergency ward. All these wards were affected by the power failure on Friday.

Telangana health minister Dr. C Laxma Reddy said it would be wrong to blame the deaths directly on the power outages as the hospital mostly get last-stage cases.

Meanwhile, superintendent of Gandhi Hospital, C V Chalam said that they would probe the deaths to find out if any of them was linked to the power outage.

“There is a three-phase power supply to the hospital, but with the lines tripping on and off, our staff found it difficult to manage uninterrupted supply,” Professor Chalam told The Times of India.

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