Sehore: With Dalit atrocities being reported all around the country, this incident where 50 Dalit families from Madhya Pradesh sought permission for euthanasia from Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan would again trigger Dalit oppression related issues. 
The Dalit families have alleged that their land has been grabbed by musclemen and goons which leave them with no other option on how to sustain their livelihood. 
However, district authorities deny receiving any such complaint and also exclaimed that a case in regard to the same is being heard in the court. 
The families, belonging to Borkhedi, Jogala, Sohankhedi and Vasudev villages in the Nasrullahganj area of Budhni, the assembly constituency of MP CM, have signed a memorandum which states that the land which was allotted to them by the government 15 years ago have not yet been received by them which leaves them with no other means of livelihood. The land is under the possession of influential people who have threatened to eliminate them if needed. 
“These oppressed people are living in abject poverty as they do not have any source of income. Therefore, they have sought to end their lives (mercy killing),” Rashtriya Dalit Chetna Manch state secretary Jaswant Singh said.