New Delhi: A minor girl who had been on life support ever since she was repeatedly raped and forced to drink acid by her assailant succumbed to her feeble condition on Sunday.

The case of this 14-year-old is being compared to that of Nirbhaya who became the victim of a sensationally brutal gangrape in New Delhi. “How many Nirbhayas does Delhi want?” said Swati Maliwal, chief of Delhi’s Commission for Women.

Maliwal also questioned why the Delhi police had not arrested the accused behind the rape of the Dalit teenager. Talking to NDTV, Maliwal said, “The girl was fed a corrosive substance which completely destroyed her internal organs. She died a very painful death.”

In a damning criticism of politics being played in the National Capital, Maliwal said that the Home Ministry had scrapped Women Safety Special Task Force in Delhi stating that its mandate had finished.

The Commission for Women have alleged that the family of the victim were intimidated and pressured not to pursue the case in court.

The rape accused, Shivshankar, had first raped the girl in December following which the girl lodged a police complaint. The girl was kidnapped again in May before she was to appear before the court. When police found her on May 26, she was bleeding from a wound in her head. The accused man’s aunt was allegedly behind the girl’s kidnapping. She was repeatedly raped and forced by the duo to drink juice laced with acid.

Police are adamant to contradict the account and said that a medical examination will reveal the truth.

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