New Delhi: Taking a definitive stance on the tradition of Jallikattu and its purportedly glorified rhetoric of “age-old tradition” instead of animal cruelty, the Supreme Court on Tuesday quashed the Tamil Nadu government’s plea by saying that child marriage was also an “age-old tradition”.

Bench of Justices Deepak Mishra and Rohinton F Nariman heard the plea of the Tamil Nadu government for lifting the SC stay on January 7, 2016 pertaining to the exhibition and the alleged exploitation of bulls for the mere tradition of forcing them to race each other.

The Tamil Nadu government had stated the example of Spain Senate which decided that bull-fighting in Spain would be considered a cultural heritage when it was “far more cruel” in nature.

“Your argument doesn’t hold any water. In 1899, ten thousand girls, below 12 years of age, were married. Should it be allowed today just because it was tradition then?” Deepak Mishra said.

The final hearing on the case will be delivered on August 23.

Many NGOs and animal rights activists have slammed the state government for executing cruelty towards animal in the name of tradition.

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