New Delhi: Rajya Sabha MP, Viplove Thakur, on Tuesday created a stir in Parliament asking for a ban on advertisements of fairness creams. In the past too, debates have taken place pressing the fact that fairness creams affect the psyche of consumers negatively.

The MP seeks that ideas created among women due to fairness creams be abolished. He said, “It creates inferiority complex among women. This is giving rise to a competition.” However, some do not agree with her claiming that it is not wrong to advertise a product as long as it does not hurt a particular group.

Speaking to NewsX, the MP cleared herself that she does not seek ban on advertising of creams but racist bias of portrayal of creams. “I am against body shaming people, against matrimonial ads seeking ‘fair’ girls. The advertising agencies should play morally while advertising their products without deflecting women’s opinions about their skin colour,” Thakur said.

Ira Trivedi, author and columnist, also supported the MP’s views on the issue. Citing that the industry is worth $400 million and increasing every year, she said “fairness creams are sold more than coca-cola”. However, she cast a doubt on the fact that banning ads would change people’s obsession for fair skin.


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