Tura: Over 35,000 people were affected in Meghalaya on Tuesday after the swollen Brahmaputra and Jingiram rivers submerged several villages, an official said.
No loss of life has been reported so far.
The Jingiram caused havoc due to the sudden backflow of the Brahmaputra, inundating the low-lying areas.
The surging waters of the Jingiram river washed away the Majhipara-Solartek embankment, thereby increasing the risk of nearby villages getting completely submerged.
“A total of 35,002 people have been affected by the flash floods in 71 villages in the plain belt areas of Garo Hills,” Pravin Bakshi, the District Magistrate of West Garo Hills, said.
“We have set up nine relief camps for the displaced people after several houses and crops, particularly paddy, were submerged,” he said.
The public health, engineering and family welfare departments have been asked to arrange for drinking water and attend to sanitation needs.
Bakshi said agricultural officials have carried out a preliminary assessment of the damage to Sali paddy.
He said other departments have also been alerted and surveys for damage assessment will be done. The Public Health, Engineering and Family Welfare department has been asked to arrange for drinking water and see to sanitation needs.
“We have already activated the Emergency Operations Centre of Tura and boats are being requisitioned for evacuation,” Bakshi said.

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