New Delhi: A Hindu radical group on Tuesday beat two Muslim women at Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur railway station allegedly over the possession of beef.

Police at Mandsaur railway station had first received a tip-off that the two women were carrying beef, according to NDTV. The two women had brought the beef from Jaora with the objective of selling it in Mandsaur.

When the police arrested the two women, a group of people ambushed the scene and started beating the two women, even verbally abusing them.

In the video which was shared online, a crowd is seen surrounding the women and slapping them as they plead against slogans and screams. Although the police tell the crowd to keep their distance, the enraged mob thrashes the women continuously.

The chanting and beating continued for half-an-hour after which the police managed to take the women away from the crowd. 

Local doctors who examined the 30kg of meat found that it was not beef, but buffalo’s meat. The women have been produced in court by the police.

People who had participated in the public beating of the two women have not been arrested by the police.

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