New Delhi: Britain has yet again shown its adamancy on not returning the famed controversial jewel Kohinoor back to India, this time claiming that there is no legal ground for returning the jewel. 
In April this year, the Modi government told the Supreme Court that the diamond could not be considered to have been stolen as it was a gift presented by Duleep Singh, son of Sikh king Maharaja Ranjit Singh, to the British. 
 Alok Sharma, Britain’s new minister for Asia and the Pacific said that having no legal ground for the return of Kohinoor is the view of the UK government. 
On the other hand, it was reported 2 months back that the External Affairs Ministry was trying to explore ways for the restitution of the prestigious jewel, in a way that was mutually acceptable for both the Indian and UK government. 
Earlier, former UK President David Cameron had also denied returning Kohinoor as Britain museum would otherwise fall empty. 

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