New Delhi: Renowned and stylish fashion designer Ritu Beri was roped in by the Ministry of Railways to design new uniforms for the Indian Railways staff.
The designer has finally come up with four designs and has suggested the same to the Railway Ministry. Basically, the idea of the ministry behind getting new uniforms was to encourage the railway staff and instil in them a feeling of pride. 
The designs suggested by Ritu Beri are a combination of Indian culture and ethos. As a result, the first design is based on tribal art, whereas the second is based on coins and currency which existed during India’s ‘golden period,’ i.e., Gupta Empire.  
The third design offered by Beri is based on the legacy of the nawabs who ruled India for years. The fourth and the last is the most vibrant of all which infuses elements of business, culture, entertainment and Indian music. 
The designer also suggested that in order to choose from one of the four designs, feedback can be sought out from the staff as well as the citizens. 
Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu will be carrying out consultations with the unions and a committee would also be set up for evaluating design, pricing and other such aspects. 
Ritu Beri is a profound name in the fashion industry and is believed to have brought globalisation in the India fashion industry. 

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