Tamil Nadu: A group of 250 Dalit families from Vedaranyam and Karur villages in Tamil Nadu have claimed that they were denied entry in a Hindu temple and were not allowed to perform rituals. They have now threatened to convert to Islam.
Not just this, around 35 Dalit families in Nagampalli, Karur also alleged that they were barred from entering Mahasakhthi Amman temple, the same temple that used their personal contributions at the time of construction. Around 200 families from Pazhangallimedu near Vedaranyam have alleged that they were denied permission to participate in a temple festival. 
“If such discrimination continues then we will be forced to convert to Islam. No one addressing our problems,” said Geeta, a resident of the village. 
Dalit families have also returned their Voter IDs & Aadhar cards in protest against being denied the permission to attend temple festival attend temple festival.
The residents of the village said that the members of the Tamil Nadu Towheed Jamaat (TNTJ) as well as of a Christian missionary had approached the Dalit families. Meanwhile, a few right-wing organisations also contacted them. 
The villagers claim that the temple initially was built in their locality but was reconstructed at its current location due to floods. 

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