Mumbai: Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s driver Harish Dulani, who is the only witness in the 2002 poaching case, on Thursday said, “My father got threats, I got scared, so I left Jodhpur.” The driver Dulani who is the only witness was ‘missing’ since 2002.
“Mere pitaji ko dhamkiyan mili to ghabra gya tha. Chhota insaan hun,kya kar paunga? Kuch nahi kar paunga,” said Dulani.
But Salman’s camp has rubbished the driver’s claim.
The Rajasthan High Court on Monday acquitted Bollywood superstar Salman Khan in two separate poaching cases that involved the killings of a blackbuck and a chinkara. However, Salman’s driver Harish Dulani maintains his statement that it was indeed the Bhai of Bollywood who took the shot.
According to Dulani, it was him who was driving the jeep when Salman went for an alleged deer hunt in Rajasthan back in 1998. He also said that he was not missing but was hiding as he was scared after threats to him and his family. 

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