New Delhi: In another shocking incident, a couple was murdered by a shopkeeper in Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh over a spat of just 15 rupees.

According to reports, the shopkeeper attacked the dalit husband and wife with a ‘hatchet’ after the victims, who had borrowed Rs. 15 from the shopkeeper, failed to pay him back.

The male victim has been identified as Bharat Singh, while the accused goes by the name of Ashok.

The incident happened when Bharat with his wife was on his way to his field. On the way they were stopped by Ashok (shopkeeper) and asked for his money. However, Bharat said that he was leaving for work and would return the money in the evening, but Ashok was not satisfied with the answer and soon the heated conversation turned into a fight.

During the argument that ensued, Ashok attacked both Bharat and his wife with a hatchet after which the couple succumbed to their injuries.

After the incident, Ashok tried to escape from the scene but the locals chased him down and handed him over to the police.

As per current reports, Ashok has been arrested and a case of murder has also been registered by the police. 

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