New Delhi: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, on Thursday took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha. He spoke about the rising inflation in the country and said that BJP govt in its two years of power has done nothing about it. He said that “the PM talks about everything but price rise”.

Rahul said Narendra Modi had promised to curb inflation but has failed to do so in the past two years.

“Modi government celebrated its second happy birthday a few days back. While addressing the people, he spoke about Make In India, Connect India, Digital India, but he does not talk about price rise. Not once did he talk about pulses, potatoes and tomatoes,” said Gandhi in the Lok Sabha.

Congress vice-president further targeted Prime Minister and said “he speaks about Make in India and Swacch Bharat but there is no mention about inflation and its control in his speeches.”

He asked the prime minister to give him a date when the prices of dals and pulses will come down.

Rahul Gandhi ended his speech by saying that people are raising only slogan “ Arhar Modi Arhar Modi.”

Read these top ten quotes from Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Lok Sabha

* Modi ji, jitne khokhle vaade karne hai kariye. Par is house ko ek tareekh dedijiye jab market mein daam kam hojayenge

*PM Modi ne kaha tha ki mujhe PM na banao,ek chaukidaar banao. Aaj usi chaukidaar ki naak ke neeche dal ki chori ho rhi hai

* “The poor don’t get food to eat, they drink their tears and go to sleep… In 2014, he had promised he will change this”. What lovely lines… Wah Wah!

* Maa bacche raat raat rote hai aansu peekar sote hai

* You can make false claims on startup India, make in India but not on rising prices

*You had said you wanted to be chowkidar of country. You have become prime minister now, leave chowkidari to the Congress.

* I want to remind PM Modi about a promise he made to everyone, and now has forgotten

* Ye mudda hamari janata ke saamne bada mudda hai, sachayi hai ki is mudde ke baare mein jhoote vayde nahi kiye ja sakta hai

* Not once has the issue of price rise been addressed by the Modi government in these two years

* Aab aap pradhan mantri ban gaye hain, bade aadmi ban gaye hain. Aap kyun chaukidaari karenge

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