New Delhi: 54-year-old Sudhir Kumar Makkad aka “Golden Baba” has become the center of attraction at Kanwar Yatra. With a total of 12.5 kg — worth about Rs 4 crore adorned on him, Golden Baba is able to whip up frenzy, with Bhakts coming from all the corners to catch a glimpse of him. 

                                           Golden Baba

Baba is a former Delhi-based businessman who used to own a garment shop before turning to God.

“This is my 24th Kanwar Yatra. I was a garments businessman in Delhi but realized one day that I have committed a lot of sin. To repent, I chose to become an ascetic and started helping the needy. Every year, I marry off at least 200 girls and bear the entire cost. The gold I wear has pictures of gods and goddesses carved on them. All of this has been given to me by my followers.”

Baba wears glittering gold lockets, armbands, rings in all fingers with a specially crafted diamond watch and has a round-the-clock security of policemen. He is a gold lover since his childhood and says he is at peace when he wears gold.