New Delhi: Massive waterlogging at Gurugram on Friday choked traffic in Delhi at major intersections, forcing many institutions to shut down for the day as traffic snarls continued uninterrupted.

Movement along the Delhi-Jaipur National Highway 8 was crippled as traffic came to a standstill. For commuters waiting on the traffic from Hero Honda Chowk to Rajiv Chowk to clear, it took more than 2 hours for some passengers to cover a distance of 15 kilometres.

And on top of that, more than 50 vehicles were rendered inoperative in the jam, exacerbating the terrible extent of the huge traffic.




Delhi traffic police has issued an advisory notice for commuters to avoid commutation in the vicinity of Gurugram.






Looking at the current condition of the traffic and the flooded areas, the traffic is unlikely to be elevated for the agitated commuters.

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