Mumbai: Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) Maharashtra on Friday submitted its report to the Mumbai Police in the Zakir Naik case. According to sources, Maharashtra ATS in the Kochi case found that there are indirect links of Islamic Research foundation (IRF) with ISIS as the arrested accused, Arshad was working as a guest relations manager.
Maharashtra government had ordered an enquiry against the Islamic preacher after his name featured in the controversy of inspiring the Dhaka attackers.
Maharashtra ATS plans to do random questioning to analyse the affidavits of 800 people (recovered from Rizwan Khan’s place) who were converted to Islam with Rizwan Khan’s help.
Rizwan Khan was arrested after a joint operation by Maharashtra ATS and Kerala Police. Khan, who was apprehended from Kalyan, was reportedly a witness at the wedding of a couple from Kerala who allegedly joined Islamic State.
The Kochi case in which the 21 people who were missing and allegedly converted to Islam and even sent to the Islamic State
Highlights of Kochi case:
1. 21 people who went missing were radicalised to such extent that one of the men stopped speaking to his mother because she refused to wear a full sleeves ‘kurta’.
2. Another man never sat in a car purchased or rented from a Hindu vendor as Hindu’s are “Kafir” according to him
3. Two pregnant ladies under the age of 30 left India and went to Syria, thinking their kids should be born in pure land.

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