New Delhi: Medha Patkar, leader of Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA), on Friday announced that they will be launching an indefinite protest against the Gujarat government’s proposed plan to turn up the Sardar Sarovar Dam to its Full Reservoir Level (FRL).

Patkar exclaimed that if the Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat is filled to FRL as planned by the govt in Gujarat, at least 45,000 families will be affected by the decision, referring to submergence of the land due to the fill up.

“According to our estimate, Sardar Sarovar Dam is filled up to more than 122 metres now. But the government wants to close the dam’s sluice gates to fill it up to 139 metres,” she said during a press conference in Indore.

“If the (Gujarat) government has its way, 45,000 families in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra will face the problem of submergence,” Patkar added.

After detailing the extent of the damage that would result from the FRL, Patkar announced that NBA would be launching an indefinite protest from tomorrow at Rajghat area in Barwani district in Madhya Pradesh.

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