New Delhi: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s preposterous Bihar Prohibition and Excise Bill, 2016, is being presented as a living testament of how grossly archaic and unpractical the regulations imprinted on the bill are.

According to the bill, a woman in Bihar can be prosecuted by the state if her husband is found to be secretly consuming alcohol without her knowledge.

If one member of a family consumes alcohol, every adult member of a family would be presumed as partaking in the offence. That being said, if alcohol is consumed, manufactured or sold in one’s premises, one is liable for prosecution by the state.

The bill also calls for collective fine on a town or a village or community if there are habitual offenders present in the village. This would entail for an added pressure on village families that have nothing whatsoever do with the consumption of alcohol.

“This new bill has several controversial provisions. We would pressure the government to make amendments in the bill,” Sushil Kumar, opposition leader, told reporters.

Albeit RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav alleged that he was not cognizant of this particular provision in the bill, he clearly indicated that he will ask Nitish Kumar to reconsider some laws in the bill.