New Delhi: Shashikala Pushpa (MP-AIADMK-RS) engaged in a scuffle with DMK’s Tiruchi Siva -RS at Terminal T3 of the Delhi airport near the domestic security hold area.
Sources from Jet airline staff revealed that Tiruchi Siva de-boarded the plane after learning that Shashi Kala was also travelling in the same aircraft. The parliamentarians had to fly to Chennai by flight no 9W-854.
The incident happened while Shashikala was approaching SHA for PESC from frisking booth No.1 and when she saw that Tiruchi was going out from SHA after offloading, she suddenly ran towards him and holding him by neck, slapped him.
CISF personnel intervened and separated the two.
Later, Tiruchi exited from check- in area by Gate No.2 without making any complaints about the incident.

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