New Delhi: The saga of killer selfies just doesn’t seem to stop. In the recent tragedy a National level athlete named Pooja Kumari died while taking a selfie near a harvesting plant in the Sports Authority of India (SAI) academy in Bhopal on Saturday, 30 July.
Sources later disclosed the incident saying that the tragedy took place around 6:30pm on Saturday after the regular practice session. Three girl athletes were near a pond which is behind the cricket ground on the SAI campus, while playing near the pond, Pooja slipped and fell into the pond.
Speaking on the incident, a SAI official said, “Pooja did not know swimming and she started screaming for help after she fell off the ledge while bending down to take a selfie and lost her balance.” Pooja had two friends who are athletes at the same facility and were with her during the incident. Both did not know how to swim and tried to get help from nearby, but it turned out to be a vain effort.
Pooja had been sitting out of competition for the past three months owing to an injury which she had suffered. Investigations are currently under way with regards to her demise.