MUMBAI: In what can certainly be tagged as ‘religious discrimination’, a youth in Mumbai has reportedly been denied a job in a leading diamond export company as he is a Muslim and practiced Islam.

In his accusations against the global export house, MBA graduate Zeeshan Ali Khan stated that he was denied a job as the company claimed of not hiring any Muslims.

He said that after he shared his resume with Hare Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd, the reply he received in an e-mail actually shocked him which said, “Thanks for your application. We regret to inform you that we hire only non-Muslim candidates.”

Speaking to media, Khan claimed of still having the copy of that e-mail. “I have ca opy of the mail where it is clearly mentioned that my application has been rejected because I am Muslim,” he said, adding, “The company should change their ideology, and should not discriminate candidates on basis of religion else nation would not progress.”

The incident has certainly brought shame to the export house which is now under the damage control mode. It clarified its stand that it does not differentiate any one on grounds of religion, caste, gender etc and deeply regrets for hurting the sentiments of a section of the society. 

The company further termed the episode as a mistaken e-mail by an employee in the HR department who is in her training period.

Associate VP & Head-HR, Mahendra S Deshmukh reportedly wrote to the youth, “We would like to clarify that the company does not discriminate against candidates based on gender, caste, religion, etc. Any hurt caused in the matter is deeply regretted.”

Deshmukh further in his mail added, “This erroneous email was sent by my colleague Mrs Dipika Tike who has joined recently and is still on training.”
In the mean time, Naseem Ahmed (Chairman, National Commission for Minorities) informed of receiving a petition in this regard and will investigate the matter.

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