Bengaluru: The students of Christ University Bengaluru staged a silent protest against the administration of the university on Friday. Around 250 students came to the university dressed in black as part of a 50-minute silent protest, which college authorities reportedly tried to stop. It is also said that some students ID cards were confiscated and that the protestors were video graphed by the authority.

The students are unhappy with the administration about the strict guidelines issued by the administration. The guidelines and rules include 85% compulsory attendance for all students with strict dress codes that includes a rule against rolling up sleeves; also no holidays are allowed during ‘bandhs’ and ‘strikes’.

The entire incident began when a second-year BSc student named Sumedha Biswas from the Hosur Road campus, wrote on her blog about how she was upset about the fact that the university did not declare the recent three-day bus strike a holiday as many students had to come from far away areas and got short attendance even when they are not at fault.

Things turned ugly when an anonymous blog stated that an economics professor of the new campus of Christ College in Bannerghatta campus was fired for questioning university authorities.

It was reported that the professor was against the university’s marking scheme in which 70% of the evaluation comprises class assessments, and 30% is based on written examinations. The campus, which is mainly for management students, has a comparatively small number of humanities students who feel that dress codes that apply to management students are unfairly imposed on them. The students also had problems with the different assessment percentages on the Hosur Road campus and the Bannerghatta Road campus.

John Joseph Kennedy, Dean, Humanities & Social Sciences told a leading daily, “We don’t declare a holiday unless the government declares one. On these days, there are no formal classes, but there are many students who live near campus who come here on these days to perhaps use the library or WiFi, and we can’t stop them from doing that. If students feel they can’t come to the campus on such days because it isn’t safe, we don’t have a problem. Attendance can always be made up.” 

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