Bulandshahr: The horrifying gang-rape of a woman and her teenage daughter is not the first to be reported on National Highway 91.
A Times of India report revealed some local villagers as saying that just 12 days ago a group of men had “brought a woman in a tempo and gang-raped her late into the night”.
“This is not the first time such a case has happened”, claimed residents of Dostpur village. This is the same place where a gang of robbers raped a 35-year-old Noida woman and her teenage daughter after waylaying their car on Friday night (29 July).
Some of the villagers in the same area claimed that there are frequent crimes in the same stretch as the area is secluded with no any street lights and without any policing on the entire stretch.
Another villager revealed that rapes happened there every few months but everyone was not able to muster the courage to file a report with the police. There were cases, he said, where even the police didn’t file cases. “The stretch has turned into a safe haven for criminals who often target travellers here,” he said.
Some of the villagers complained that had the police been vigilant in the area then such incidents could have been avoided.
DIG (Meerut range) Lakshmi Singh refuted such claims. “This is at best the rumour mill at work. We do admit there have been a few lapses. We are doing everything in our means to bring the culprits to justice.”
The modus operandi in both the incidents has been the same when something was thrown on the vehicle to make them stop and then the victims were looted and assaulted at gun point.

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