LONDON: Two Indian cities including Imphal ranked 32 and Srinagar ranked 49 are among 64 cities across the world that have been named to be at high risk of facing terror attack, said a research compiled by global risk Analytics Company. 

Baghdad topped the list of cities that are on the risk of terrorists attack, followed by Mosul, Al Ramadi, Ba’qubah, Kirkuk and Al Hillah. 

According to the analysis report, it has been identified that 1,300 commercial hubs, urban areas around the world to be at risk of terrorist attacks as high, medium and low on the basis of frequent attacks in last six years. 

Chennai is the next Indian city which faces medium risk of a terrorist attack, while Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata are in category of low risk cities and have been ranked at 298, 447 and 212, respectively.

The analysis reports are based on the recent terror attacks in these cities in the last 12 months till March 2015. 

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