Lucknow: In what can be called as another shocker amidst the growing incidents of rape and to demoralise women in the country, it has been found that ‘rape’ videos are being sold in Uttar Pradesh.
According to reports, dealers who are selling rape videos will only entertain a person who would have come armed with a trusted customer’s reference. Also in this process, the seller’s identity is not revealed.
Depending on the ‘duration’ and ‘exclusivity’ of the clips, which are 30 seconds to 5 minutes long, they are categorized under Rs. 50-150, as reported by the Times Of India.
According to a senior police official, rapists most of the time record their heinous crime on their mobile phones and use the clips as a tool either to blackmail or bully the victims or to stop them from going to the cops. Sometimes, these clips are also used to pressure them into further sexual submission.
Meanwhile, at least one person has been arrested by the police in Agra city for selling such videos, as per media reports. 

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