New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that for the nation to progress, it was essential for eastern India, including Bihar, to progress and catch up with the western part of the country.

At a function here to mark the golden jubilee of poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s great works – ‘Sanskriti ke chaar adhyaay’ and ‘Parshuram ki pratiksha’ – Modi invoked Dinkar to call for an end to caste-based politics and work towards development of the eastern parts of the country.

He recalled a letter written by Dinkar in 1961 in which the poet had emphasized that his native state of Bihar must forget caste-based divisions and work towards a merit-based society, an official release said.

The prime minister described ‘rashtrakavi’ (national poet) Dinkar as a great visionary.

He said Dinkar’s poems, which were once memorized by thousands, assimilated India’s heritage and culture, and were the best way to understand the essence of India.

“There are very few creations which stand the scrutiny of time the way Dinkar’s writing has,” he said.

Modi said Dinkar’s works have continued to inspire generations of India.

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