New Delhi: After the Osmania University protest where students ate beef to protest atrocities by ‘Gau rakshaks’ in the country, the Mysuru Dalit Welfare Trust announced on Saturday that it will organise a beef festival to protest the Una incident.

The beef festival will take place in Mysuru on 7th August where almost 200 people are expected to attend the function.

“We have grown up eating beef, who are these activists to question what we eat? They attack us for even transporting meat and don’t even check what kind of meat is there in the first place,” one of the representatives of the Mysuru Dalit Welfare Trust said.

“Did you see the video from Una incident? Is that how you treat us? Like beasts? We make shoes, belts and musical instruments as a part of our profession and these very people enjoy the fruit of our labour.”

The Una incident shot into national spotlight where a group of Dalit individuals were brutally thrashed in public for allegedly skinning a cow which was already dead. BSP leader Mayawati censured the government for overlooking the atrocities against the Dalit community in India.

Osmania University witnessed a protest last year where Dalit students organised a beef festival to demand their right to what they wanted to eat.

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