New Delhi: Heavy security forces were deployed on Monday after intelligence report claimed that there was shootout between the Telangana police and gangsters in the region. The shootout occurred at Shadnagar where the Telangana police forces gunned down two gangsters, reports confirmed.    
Telangana police and other security authorities worked around a tip-off they received about the whereabouts of the former-Maoist gangster. It is also being reported that infamous gangster Nayeem has been killed in the crossfire. 

Nayeem or Mohammed Nayeemuddin was a Maoist before he surrendered to the police and later became a gangster. He formed a group consisting of killers and kidnappers, murderers and extortionists. He is a suspect in the assassination of several Ex-Maoist leaders like Sambashivudu.

Police have evacuated the people from the area. 

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