New Delhi: After dreaming that the goddess ‘Kali’ would grant all her wishes, Aarti Dubey, a 19-year-old undergraduate student at TRS College in Madhya Pradesh, sliced off her tongue with a blade and offered it to the ancient Indian goddess at a temple.

“Aarti had confided in me about the dream and told me that she was going to offer her tongue to the deity. But it never occurred to me that she was serious about it. I thought she was just kidding. I have heard about incidents of illiterate and superstitious people offering their body parts to appease the gods. I never thought that my own college-going sister could be so superstitious,” the DailyMail quoted Aarti’s brother as saying.

This appalling incident occurred at the Kali temple in Reeva town in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

When Aarti cut off her tongue in the temple premises, the priest and onlookers covered an unconscious Aarti with a scarf and prayed for her instead of calling an ambulance.

And this was not all, Aarti, after regaining consciousness, did rounds of the temple premises. Police and doctors who came to know of the incidence rushed to the spot and offered first aid for Aarti.

Offering of organs to god and goddesses is, however, not a new phenomenon.


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