New Delhi: The Mumbai police on Wednesday finally caught up with the foreign robbers who had deployed high-tech methods to steal information about other people’s account and then extract money from the ATM.

Earlier released CCTV footage showed foreign nationals strolling into an ATM one by one and placing a device above the ATM to ascertain the pin code and the account information.

Marian Gabrielle Illie is a Romanian national who was caught on Wednesday for allegedly stealing several thousand rupees using a sophisticated technology to track and extract money in a State Bank of India ATM in Thiruvananthapuram.

“We examined the visuals of the CCTV and got the pictures of three foreigners. We suspect that they had a hand in the ATM robbery…We have already intensified our investigation to trace their whereabouts and establish their identity. We are also probing whether more persons were involved in the crime,” G Sparjan Kumar, Police Commissioner, told reporters.

More than 22 people had previously registered complaint pertaining to sudden transactions from their account.

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