New Delhi: India’s advent into the Rio Olympics 2016 has been nothing short of a balloon filled with hot air. In the categories where the athletes were supposed to ensure a medal to the tally, the dream crumbled and vanished. 

The Chinese media – without mocking or boasting about their performance at Rio – tried to give a rational explanation about why India was lagging behind on the medal table. It cited reasons like lack of infrastructure, poverty, poor health, restriction against girl’s participation in sports, boys being told early to become engineers or doctors, cricket over other sports and basic lack of information about the Olympics as a reason for the poor performance of the Indian team.

“India has 1,200,000,000 people, and is the second populous country following China. But India’s getting scarce medals in the Olympic Games. Why? Counting by population, India ranks the last in Olympic medal number, India got only six medals in the 2012 Olympics, while none were gold,” said the article.

India is yet to score a single medal since the start of the Rio Olympic Games.  China, on the otherhand, has secured a comfortable position second only to the United States.

The article also said, “Large gap between rich and poor has made it hard for the poor people even to make a living, let along saving the energy for sports practice. Adding that the government has only little investment on the sports infrastructure, the mass sports and competitive sports are both lagging behind in India.”

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