New Delhi: Air India, the national carrier suffering jolts to its reputation with repeated complaints about facilities and work ethics, underwent another shameful case when a senior Air India official accused her director of sexual harassment in a complaint sent to the ministry of civil aviation.

In the complaint, the official alleged that the director asked her to go the rooms of VIPs alone with gifts. When the official would refuse, the director would become furious.

In the report filed by the Daily Mail, a senior official said after the incidence, “A high-level committee will be probing the case as a very senior female official has leveled allegations against a director-level official, which is second highest post in Air India.”

“On 8th September 2012, when the first Dreamliner aircraft came, he shouted at me in public for his not being able to enter the secure airport area,” the woman complainant said. “Often he would call up to ask me to facilitate travel of his niece and family to Singapore and ask me to also inform the Singapore office.”

However, the director denied the allegations by merely saying that the official’s responses were erratic. “Her responses to the issues were erratic, without proper study and application of mind, and it is correct that I did indeed counsel her on several occasions to be professional in her approach and work without fear or favour and avoid populistic responses and keep the best interest of the organisation in mind.”

No action has yet been taken against the director.

Sexual harassment at workplace normally gets unreported due to the accused threatening to vilify the victim or to dispossess them of their jobs.

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