New Delhi: Islamic preacher Zakir Naik who sprang into national attention after the Dhaka terror attack might face arrest from the Mumbai police if he is found to have given money or share fund for indoctrinating youngster from Kerala to join the Islamic State (IS).

Mumbai police investigating the terror nexus, if it is discovered that Rizwan Khan and Arshid Qureshi were given money by the Peace TV preacher, they will swiftly clamp down on Zakir Naik for converting people by inciting them with money.

The two individuals were arrested by the Mumbai police for conversion of 21 Kerala youngsters. One of them was a guest relationship manager with Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) while the other arranged marriage for couples who wanted to convert.

Albeit the trail of Naik’s money through the Islamic Research Foundation is not a reason for prosecution, it will be entirely different if it is proved that the Islamic preacher approved the funding for religious conversions.

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